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I believe in second and third chances because I had the opportunity to become a better me, be a role model to my daughter, an example to others by grabbing my chances and pursuing my dream.

Its never late to take the first step once again to learn and educate yourself.

First Step Learn, is an education provider approved by NCFE. Courses from entry level up to level 5 are provided for you, by qualified assessors.

We have students of all ages and backgrounds including school leavers who choose to begin their careers while they study, people wanting to develop or update their skills, or change career entirely, and retired people wanting to explore new interests and keep mentally active.

Our tutorial lessons for primary and secondary children is tailored according to their strengths and weaknesses’, our tutors will diagnose the learning gap and support them to improve their grades.

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03 Experiment


04 Score


05 Get Certified


06 Plan


01 Plan


02 Study

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